Sunday, June 01, 2008

Follow up

So the comments got me thinking and I want to add a little more to my last post. (Another bodily functions/blood warning!)

The diva cup is available at local co-ops and probably online (I haven't checked). It comes in two sizes, and I have the larger size since I'm among those ladies who have passed a giant baby head through their hoohah and therefore things are a little looser and roomier down there.

There is a little trick to putting these things in, and it takes a little practice. If you're like me, you might get the package, get all excited and try to put it in as soon as you take it out of the box. There's one little problem. Your vaginal area changes a LOT throughout your cycle, and the feel and shape of the space between your cervix and the actual vaginal opening is pretty different before and during your period. (It's the most different when you are ovulating) So if you're struggling to put it in while you're not having your period, you may be amazed at how different it is to try putting in while you're having your period. (So don't curse it and throw it in the trash)

The directions they give are really very good. The only thing that doesn't happen with me is the "spinning easily" part. It doesn't really do that, but a little poking around usually convinces me that it's open and positioned right.

I hope women really start to put Stay Free and Tampax out of business! We deserve better.


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