Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Secret Heart

Here is Ms. Feist. She was really amazing. Her voice is appealingly smoky and her band was awesome. Her songs are great on the CD, but on stage they took on an entirely new life.

The show was excellent in every way except for the obligatory idiots that are present at every show who can't help pissing off everyone around them. We were watching the opening band, and the crowd was quite attentive and fairly quiet. I was actually enjoying the show a lot when these two tall women showed up. These bitches (excuse my french) were in top form. They pushed their way in front of us and immediately started a loud and inane conversation with lots of "I know!"s and "Oh my god!"s. During the entire song, they never even glanced at the stage. Someone in front of them turned around and politely asked them to be quieter. They said sure, and then proceeded to talk just as before. After three separate people had told them to hush, one of them said, "I can't believe this! I've never experienced this in my life." She turned around to me and said, "Did you hear those people in front of me? Isn't that weird? Are we talking too loud?" Me and my friend practically nodded our heads right off as we vehemently said, "Yes, yes." Finally they moved away, and we all breathed an indignant sigh of relief.

What possesses people to pay 20 bucks to see a show and then just blab through the whole thing? And, what makes people such social retards that they can't tell when they should pipe down? And, what makes these scummy assholes so much better than everyone else that they can completely ignore the polite requests of 4 separate strangers? Those girls are why America is going down the pooper. These are the thoughts of my secret heart.


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