Thursday, May 18, 2006

Eating like the devil

The thing about working at a cafe is that unless I am paying close attention, it is impossible to know how many meals I eat in an 8 hour period. On mondays and tuesdays, I eat a small breakfast at 5am before I head in to work. Then I usually have another breakfast around 7. I usually get famished in another two hours, so I usually snoop a bunch of food that the cook is making, and then from there, I'm eating something almost every hour. From beans and rice to carrot soup to beet salad, there is no end of things I like to eat. And then when the shift is over, I think to myself: I haven't had lunch yet! So I have a piece of vegan pizza and then sometimes even dessert. Today was particularly bad-- on top of all the good-for-you food, I had fingerfuls of cookie dough, pound cake batter, an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, and a caramel latte. And I'm already hungry again! My stomach is like a yawning abyss. Like that woman from that Murakami novel who had some kind of gastric problem and could eat like a mofo.


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