Monday, May 15, 2006


I am newly awestruck by DINOSAURS!! I saw real (REAL!) dinosaur skeletons at the science museum in St. Paul when Dave, Jonner, and I went to see the Body Worlds exhibit. I've seen Body Worlds before in Chicago, so my awe and admiration went mostly to an almost whole, skeleton of a triceratops, that's REAL. I can't even believe it. That wing thingy in the back of their head is bone, and it's REAL. The three horns, yeah, they're sharp and pointy, and REAL. And dinosaurs were gigantic! I can't believe how big they were. It would have been awesome to see them when they were alive. Wow.

I got rained on while planting ajuga this afternoon.

My kitties knocked over a plant while I was outside and I sprayed them vigorously and methodically in the face.

My show has opened, and now I have time to paint again.

Jonner and I are watching Seven Samurai, and we've managed to spread that movie out over a span of three separate viewings (we started it at least a week ago)-- SO FAR. We're still not done. Sheesh. I hope we can finish it tonight. This time I'll leave the whisky alone. (Thanks Dave! I owe you some whisky)

I love you too Josh. But I'll kill you if you call me Joannua. Just kidding. You can call me whatever you want.


Blogger jason vande brake said...

Hm. I think it might be time to turn on the word verification thing again. And why is "Excellent" capitalized? That pisses me off.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

I know. I deleted all those stupid comments-- there were like 15 of them sprinkled all over my posts. I thought I had word verification, but it turns out I didn't. So now I have it turned on. Stupid people who don't know when to capitalize...

6:17 AM  

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