Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

Happy May Day everyone. Despite my hearty support for immigrants and immigration reform (the good kind), I am just too tired to get my ass out there to protest. I don't even know where they're happening around here. But all this does make me wonder when I'm going to get to the final stage of my own immigration process. My legal status in the US is the result of a long process that started almost 27 years ago when my family first moved over here. Maybe within the year I'll get to take this oath they keep talking about. And then I'll finally get to vote! Although I wish I could have voted last time when the choice was pretty damn clear.

Onto better and more trivial matters-- I made a carrot cake today. I'm looking forward to eating it this afternoon after a nice hot shower. I'm going to trim my nails and sit down to watch a movie with my kittites, a bottle of water, a multivitamin, and carrot cake.


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