Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More nursing, some cormorants

Nursing Ruby is becoming more interesting every day. One time she commented, "milk dancing" as she pushed my shirt up and down. The other day, we were watching a youtube video of Obama speaking, as she nursed, and she stopped to say, "Obama nursing" over and over again. Occasionally, even days afterwards, she remembers it and stops what she's doing to say "Obama nursing" with an almost nostalgic look on her face.

Speaking of Obama, she seems to like watching him. She can't get enough. I went to his website, and there's a short video of him introducing the site, and whenever it's over she chants, "more Obama, more Obama".

On a different note, the highlight of my day today was watching cormorants in Powderhorn Lake. We had a new pair of binoculars with us, and watched the amazing swimming birds for a half hour. They were so cool! I still don't know exactly what kind they were-- they were black with bright yellow chins and lower beaks. It was such a treat to see them swimming and catching fish. At one point one of them dove under water and nipped at a Canadian goose. Kind of mean, I think.


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