Saturday, August 02, 2008

Please Help

One of Ruby's favorite phrases these days is "peese hep". Unfortunately, it's usually for enlisting help for doing something like climbing onto the table or obtaining pens or knives. The other day, she said "pees hep, pees hep, toes hurt!" Which was about the most useful thing she's said so far.

She loves to repeat unlikely phrases like "clay butt" or "eric coming" or "abba(dad) tooted" or "boogie night". Usually it's repeating the end of something we just said. Jonathon just said, "be careful, you'll get yourself wet". And Ruby's saying "self wet, self wet". Earlier, she heard a lady saying loudly to a dog, "you're such a loverboy!", and she was mumbling "loverboy, loverboy".

OK now she's demanding "more kitty" meaning she wants to see more youtube videos of cats.


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