Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green beans, I mean cheese

Tonight we were trying to get Ruby to eat some green beans. Well, anything green, I guess. I think she would happily subsist on meat and dairy alone. At any rate, after several straight on offers were immediately and vehemently rejected, I tried a last ditch effort-- borderline lying. I held a green bean up and said loudly, "MMM green cheese!" and proceeded to roll my eyes, smack my lips, and make a general fool of myself, thinking that this would never work. (She's been onto us since she could look us in the eye) But lo and behold, my child showed a frank credulity that is rarely witnessed at the table. She grabbed one and ate it. And then asked for another. Then another. Then she stuffed about 10 of them in her mouth at once. And realized... it really wasn't cheese after all. She opened her mouth, and a disgusting blob of green beens dropped out of her mouth.

Oh well-- a good 10 beans actually made it to her tummy I think. It counts as a massive success in my book.


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