Sunday, September 21, 2008


We're heading to Korea this thursday, and although I am outwardly calm, I am freaking out inside. The details threaten to overwhelm me, and on top of everything, Ruby has a cold. It's really not bad, and it's probably going to be gone in the next couple days, but I'm still terrified that I'm going to be in a plane for 13 hours straight with a sick toddler. For those of you who haven't dealt with the phenomenon of SICK TODDLER, it is something I don't wish upon anyone. The whining, oh the whining.

On a happier note, however, Ruby has not soiled a single diaper for at least a full week now! After doing laundry every other day, this is a very nice break. She's just done stupendously with potty learning so far, and the only problem has been finding teeny tiny undies. A lovely problem. We've ended up with little boy underwear from target, but they're still pretty big. (Now whether this trip to Korea will ruin all the potty learning... we'll just have to see.)


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