Friday, April 07, 2006


I should remember that if I'm ever at a loss for something to write, I should just go out and inflict useless pain on my poor body. I went jogging around Powderhorn lake this morning because my coworker Margot inspired me. I am not a runner and never will be, but I'm also too cheap to join the Y, and running is about the cheapest exercise there is.

Here were my problems during the rich 10 minutes I spent around the lake (bullet points here we come!):
  • I couldn't find a good rhythm, so I stumbled along at varying rhythms the whole time.
  • I had my ipod, but couldn't find any songs that had the right beat. Someone help!
  • I dropped my keys and stopped to pick them up, which completely destroyed any inertia I had built up.
  • My lungs felt like someone stabbing knives into it. Really. It was worse than when my lung collapsed.
  • It was really f-ing windy and my ears hurt even though they were covered.
  • My nose kept running and I had to keep wiping my eyes.
Now my problems are:
  • My legs are shaky when I go down stairs.
  • I'm hungry and I'll probably want something sweet.
  • I'm embarrassed that I have so many problems.


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