Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seeing things

Lately, I wear a bandana to bed to try and control my shedding. While I was pregnant, I stopped shedding hair. It was fabulous. But now my head is making up for lost time and shedding double what I used to. I know. Wierd. Anyway, there's no good way to keep anything on my head while I sleep. My pins, rubber bands, and bandanas all slip off in the night, so I don't even know why I bother.

Well there's the prelude to my story. Last night around 4 am, I woke up with the baby next to me, and I thought, hm I should move her to the other side and feed her with my other boob (which was uncomfortably full). I sat up in the dark, and right by the baby's butt and feet, I saw a big dark pile of something with whitish specks, and in my foggy state, I immediately assumed that somehow Ruby had a giant blowout and it squooged out of her diaper. So I reached for a rag, covered the giant poo pile, and after considering whether I should wake her or not, I decided that I wasn't going to sleep for another couple hours with the stink. So I took her to the other room, flipped on the light, and surveyed what I fully expected to be a giant mess. Lo and behold, she was completely clean. As Ruby blinked confusedly at me, I opened her diaper, and wondered how all the poo could have gotten on the bed while keeping her diaper spotless. Completely puzzled, but still convinced that the stuff on the bed was poo, I went back to the bedroom with a wide-eyed and cheerful baby, switched on the light (sorry jonner), and carefully lifted the rag off of it. It was my bandana. How it traveled way down there is beyond me, but there it was, pretending to be a giant pile of poo. I swear, I could smell it.


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