Monday, July 23, 2007

Gold star day

Well, due to an unexpected, very long nap, I am pleasantly amusing myself on the computer. Mainly spending tons of time on the discussion boards.

Ruby is almost certainly teething lately. She bites and chews voraciously, drools, and whines almost non-stop. Sometimes she even laugh-whines, which sounds very bizarre. Basically, she does everything she normally does, except there's a whine-drone that goes on top of it all. Sometimes it's a little tiring, but surprisingly, when it's your own kid, even whines can be kinda cute.

Despite the hot muggy weather and a needy little babe riding on my back, I got a surprising amount of housework done. I swept and mopped (the mopping was probably about 6 months overdue. I know, gross), and did dishes. I went through Ruby's clothes and weeded out the too-small ones and the occasional uggo hand-me-downs and pulled out ones that will fit her now. I brushed Rimsky and pulled out a big old handful of creamy hair that was about to jump out onto my newly cleaned floor. I even made myself some eggs and had a little lunch while Ruby fell asleep on my back.

Give me that BIG GOLD STAR!


Blogger Kristin Abhalter said...

You're the best mom ever and you get the biggest gold star ever!
Now I get to brag that I finally got carpet and a couch- so my house is now cozy and comfortable and you can roll around on the floor.
I would love to drop by this week to see you and Ruby.
I'll give you a call.

2:03 PM  

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