Saturday, June 03, 2006

A good summer day

I was holding out for someone to write a comment on my blog, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. So I'll write something. Today we performed our first driveway tour show (go to to see the schedule), and guess who was there?? EEF BARZELAY from Clem Snide! This tour allows me to meet some frickin rock stars! Two years ago, All the Pretty Horses came to our show, and last year Adam Levy from the Honeydogs came to a show. I always make a bit of an ass of myself because I get kinda starstruck-- especially with Adam Levy-- I admit I'm kinda crazy about him. Anyway, Eef was very cool. I hope he thought I was cool too. And the other awesome part of the show was that there were baby goats there too. Baby goats! They're so awesome.

We went to Sioux Center for a day to see Jonner's cousin's wedding. It was ok. The reception was the quietest reception I had ever been to. It was all hushed like in a museum.

Bailey was such a good dog this weekend. I love her. She had her head out the window when we drove home and her lips were flapping in the wind. It gave me joy.

Jonner made me a hamburger for dinner. Yeah, he's so awesome.


Blogger dave said...

I have haven't a bloody clue who the hell you are talking about. These rock stars, as you call them.

Oh, and yes, Jonner is awesome.

7:10 PM  

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