Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trip to the vet

Ok, so I guess nobody thought the tiny dinosaur theory was very funny. Too bad, all you people with no sense of humor!

We took all three pets to get their shots last weekend. The cats meowed in stereo all the way to the vet, but calmed down after getting out of the car. Bailey, on the other hand, starts to hyperventilate from excitement as soon as we pull up. When she gets into the lobby, she's been pulling so hard that she starts choking loudly to add to the nervous barks of the dogs that are already there. Jonner is following, holding both kitty kennels, and as I open the door for him, the door somehow falls off of coco's kennel and so I lose track of Bailey while we struggle to get it back on. And then the black lab by the door barks viciously at groveling Bailey who has blundered into its space. Apologizing, we sit down after our grand, noisy entrance into the vet's office.

When we get settled, I tie Bailey up, and an awkward hush falls over the lobby while we wait. Then Dr. Deb, the nuttiest, awesomest vet comes to get us, and she beams at all of us, clearly loving the idea of getting to handle all three of our pets at once. She immediately starts to feed a steady stream of cookies to Bailey who can't believe her good luck and scrambles around her knees begging for more. All of them get felt up and we get a report on how much doody is in each of them, and then they get their little shots. We learn that Coco has thick leathery skin like a rhino, and that Rimsky is indeed the longest cat in the world. And in between every pause, she's popping cookies into Bailey's mouth faster than we can keep track.

On our trip back, the animals are all strangely calm. Yeah, it was a great visit.


Blogger misskarenjean said...


I liked the Tiny Dinosaur Theory. I even forwarded it to Dave, who said later, "I didn't get it." And I thought he had a sense of humor...

10:50 AM  
Blogger Joanne said...

he he. I knew you'd like it.

11:44 AM  

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