Monday, September 18, 2006

Gettin old

Yesterday Bailey got into one of her crazy fits and dashed around in circles on the carpet upstairs. Then all of a sudden, she stopped and started limping around and then leaned up against Jonner with her paw in the air. I think she sprained an ankle and wanted some sympathy. Poor doggy. Maybe she's getting old and doesn't realize it. Or maybe it's just that her nails are at record length.

I'm getting old. Not really old, but being pregnant has made it seem like I'm aging at a fantastic rate. Overall, my morning sickness has abated, but I have found that my body is ruled by a baby who punishes me without mercy for any lack of sleep, bad eating habits, and caffeine. I went out to a late concert at the Turf Club on Friday night, and I have been paying a heavy price for the past three days. Vomiting, headache, and nausea have followed a relatively tame night out. No drinking, no dancing. Just sipping water and listening to music. Baby, leave me alone! *sob*

On a happier note, even though I have felt like shit today, I am going to get a massage this afternoon. My doula is coming over to my house and is going to go all shiatsu on me. Woot!


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