Thursday, September 28, 2006

Almost October

It's almost my favorite month! I am always happy in October. I am also luckily past my morning sickness and also past a little cold I've had for a couple days, and so I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Next week is going to great. My friend Karen is visiting, I have an ultrasound scheduled, AND I'm going to see a show next weekend. The only worries I have about going out these days is the frequency with which I need to pee. Last weekend I went to the mall with my sister and between every single store, I had to go. That means I probably went to the bathroom at least 5 times in the two hours we were there. So yeah, I'm a little worried about going to see that show.

I also got my first shipment of books, so I read The Giver (awesome), and I'm into Dune, which is also awesome so far. And no, I have not seen either movie.

It's only a couple weeks until my birthday-- what's everyone going to get me? I want a double boiler, a rolling massage ball (there's one at Bath and Body Works that I have my eye on), a warm maternity pea coat, sweaters for my dog and cats, a prenatal yoga DVD, and a cleaning service for our house. Oh and piano lessons.


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