Monday, January 29, 2007

Poor Rimsky

Rimsky threw up a couple times last night, and yay for me, one pile was right in the doorway to our bedroom. So I stepped in it while coming back from the bathroom. There was a lot of cursing at 3 in the morning. Later this morning, he had this mournful look on his face and his nose was dripping freely all over the place. It was disgusting, but I felt bad because he looked so pathetic with his watery red eyes blinking at me. But then every time I looked away he would jump up and systematically walk around on the kitchen counter (nose still dripping) and knock over every glass and container. He was sitting in all the forbidden places, tearing leaves off the plants, and being a total pest. He was driving me nuts. I came back from lunch and he had somehow gotten into the cupboard under the sink where the trash is, and got coffee grounds or some other gross black stuff all over his feet and legs. That was it. I gave him the ultimate punishment-- a bath. Oh boy, did he hate the bath. He yowled and kicked and sloshed the water all over me and the floor.

At any rate, his nose seems to have stopped running and after several hours, he forgave me and sat on my legs on the ottoman next to the heater and dozed for half an hour. I hope he gets better soon.


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