Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Baby, baby, where are you?

Don't worry, I'll post as soon as anything exciting happens. So far, nothing except even more swelling. I don't fit into my danskos anymore and it makes me really sad. It used to be that it was just tight. Now I can't even get my toes in.

I'm still able to do stuff with my hands even though it hurts a bit. The oatmeal cake is gone, but now I have cardamom poundcake with a coffee glaze. Don't you all wish you lived in Minneapolis.

I'm watching Passions, the funniest soap on TV. I just saw a close up shot of a black gloved hand with red nails stuck on the outside. Heh heh. Everything about the show is so ridiculous. What I love is what David Sedaris points out about soaps-- everyone declares in exquisite detail what they are feeling and going to do. "Now I am going to show my ex-fiance who is now engaged to my cousin that I love his brother. It will hurt him, but he deserves it because he cheated on me with my sister. Oh wait, what's all this blood doing here? It's all over my hands! (as she holds out hands with ketchup all over them) Oh my god, there's a guy lying on the street! Who could it be?" Zoom in with ominous music. Cut to commercial.


Blogger Josh said...

When do you ABSOLUTELY have to go to the hospital? I mean, will you have time to blog between contractions?

7:52 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

Hm. That's a hard question. It depends on a gazillion things, but if everything goes pretty smoothly, then, yes, I'll have time to blog between early contractions. (Whether I'll want to or not is a whole other story) And as far as when to go to the hospital, well, I want to wait as long as I can. (If you want the gory details-- you wait until you feel like bearing down, which I hear is a lot like the urge to poo. After that, things can happen rather quickly) Hospitals tend to like things to happen, so if you get there too early, there's a bigger chance that they'll find something wrong and try to stick you with needles and meds. Or they'll send you home.

6:09 AM  

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