Sunday, July 29, 2007

More wacky dreams

I know I know, nobody gives a flying F about my dreams, but I can't resist. I was making a show about a white handed gibbon and Michael Sommers was helping me out. And then he turned into Kyle McLachlan (aka Agent Cooper). Yeah. It was kind of nice to see Kyle McLachlan make it into my dreams. I've had a crush on him since I saw Twin Peaks.

Another one: I was visiting my hillbilly relatives out in the woods and I had my second baby. I left her at the hospital and was eating this giant barbecued meal with everyone, and realized that I needed to feed the new baby. So I went back to the hospital and was trying to feed Ruby and her new little sibling at the same time, but they kept drowning in the milk. I could see their little nostrils emerge occasionally, but they would inevitably sink in again. (yeah, don't ask me details-- it don't make sense to me neither)

Ruby is making it over her first cold. It was pretty mild, but two nights ago she got really stuffed up and woke up screaming a lot. She would try to suck her thumb, but as soon as she closed her mouth, she couldn't breathe and boy did that make her mad. I was tired and sad that she was so upset, but I couldn't help chuckling a little when she kept trying to suck that thumb. *Snort* Foiled again!

She's slowly starting to move a little. She can spin around on her belly, and if she wiggles for a while, she can scoot backwards about a foot before she gets mad. She still hasn't learned that she can't rub her face on the floor without it hurting. On the bed, she has a habit of banging her face on the sheets and rubbing back and forth, and she occasionally tries it on the hardwood floor. She bangs her nose or mouth or forehead on the floor and starts wailing. I guess it'll take a couple more times before she learns. Sigh.


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