Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Lately, I have been increasingly irritated by the level of noise in my environment. It's definitely on my mind mostly because THE BABY IS SLEEPING AND FOR THE LOVE OF JEBUS PLEASE BE QUIET.

1. PLANES. I never really noticed the roar of the planes that go over our house every 2 minutes until this weekend when the inlaws pointed it out. Not only that, but I think the flight patterns actually changed this weekend. They are flying so low that I can practically see the bolts on the wings. I can't even believe Ruby can sleep through it all.

2. People who play their bass so loud in their cars that I can't believe that the earth doesn't just split up everywhere they go.

3. Semis and dump trucks that drive by.

4. The freaking dogs (including our very own dear beagle) that will not shut up for a half hour straight.

5. Our 4 fans (one of which is called the King of Fans and sounds like a jet engine right inside our house)

6. The birds. Believe it or not, if the bedroom windows are open and the cardinals, sparrows, and crows are all going at the same time, it's practically deafening.

7. Our kitties sometimes get a hair up their butt and run around the house like maniacs. They can be really loud!

There are probably a host of other things that could possibly wake the baby up, including ourselves, but guess what the solution so far has been? That's right, more noise. We have a white noise maker next to her bed to drown out all the other noise that we have no control over.

Oh for some peace and quiet.


Blogger Nikki said...

Girl, please. You have more than 4 fans.

I'm one of your biggest fans, but I'm so quiet, you probably don't notice.

11:18 AM  
Blogger Joanne said...

that's why i love you. ;)

4:30 AM  

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