Monday, August 27, 2007

Traumatized by Poo

My 6 year old neighbor took our dog Bailey for a walk down the block with Jonner. Bailey pooped and peed like the good little doggy she is. Later that afternoon, she was back, and she told me:

L: I didn't like how she (Bailey) did that.
Me: Did what?
L: Did that.
Me: You mean, poo?
L: Yeah. I can't stop thinking about it. I shouldn't have looked.
Me: Yeah, well all of us poo.
L: But I can't see it when I poo.
Me: True. We're lucky. We don't have to watch ourselves poo.

Obviously obssessed with the "doodoo", she spent the whole day talking about it, on and off. She told us to make sure we threw away the doodoo. And how do we pick it up with those bags? Is she going to do it again? Oh you bet she will.


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