Monday, October 27, 2008

So Cute

You would think that at some point the cuteness would let up, but it just doesn't stop!

Thank god, because every mother of a toddler knows the feeling of wanting to sell their child to the circus. This last week, I've imagined myself delivering a swift (but safe of course!) blow to the back of her neck to make her pass out while she struggled with wide-eyed jetlag in the middle of the night. I also thought about leaving her in the park while she screamed and screamed about taking off her coat (and eventually all her clothes) in 30 degree weather. She's still not getting the whole "consequences" thing. She's also been experimenting with "outdoor voices" inside, hitting me (and Jonner, and the animals, and herself), whether developing jelly legs all of a sudden will make me want to pick her up, and when I ask her if she wants another bite, how fun it is to say "yes. no. yes. no, etc."


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