Saturday, January 24, 2009

Powderhorn 365

I don't know why I haven't posted this before, but it occurred to me that people coming to my flickr site might be confused at the influx of non-knitting pictures. (Although there is about nothing more boring than knitting photos, so maybe nobody's been visiting and therefore not confused)

Anyway, I'm involved in a fun little project called Powderhorn 365. There is a group of us that will be taking a photo a day for a year of our lovely neighborhood. I like photography, but not enough that I can honestly be called an enthusiast, so this project is good for me. Once a week, I get to tromp around our neighborhood looking for a good shot. It makes me get out and get some exercise too. Yesterday I came across some wild turkeys. Turkeys, you hear?! I dragged Ruby out of the car, boldly declaring that we were "hunting turkeys". We ran across the street into someone's backyard to take photos, and then back across and into the alley to take some more. Some dude yelled from his car that he wished he had his camera too.

The funny thing is, last night Ruby was doing this strange stalking walk, kind of going sideways, bent over a little, on her tiptoes, with a huge grin, and told us she was hunting turkeys.


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