Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ruby likes to jump off an old theatre prop onto the bed. She calls it "fooming", and she says "foom!" as she jumps onto the bed.

The funny twist? She likes to do it in the dark. Jonner was leaving the room with her, and she closed the door on him. After a few moments, he peeked in to see her crouched and ready to jump on the bed in the dark. Now she asks if she can "foom in the dark".

And in other news, Thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa's was a big hit, and she's currently in withdrawal. Mainly from having a couple more suckers to boss around. Now it's just back to one personal slave (me). There's only so many times she can demand that I put my sunglasses on before it gets boring.


Blogger Mama Grouch said...

Foom! She may be on to something there.

7:25 AM  

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