Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bedtime drama #1

I told Ruby a story about a bunny that plays with her friend in the morning, has a snack, goes out to play some more, comes in to have lunch, pees in the potty, takes a nap, wakes up and pees in the potty again, plays some more, has another snack, plays some more, comes in to have dinner, plays with blocks, reads some books, gets her pjs on, brushes her teeth, and goes to bed.

She loves it, and wants to hear it again and again.

Which leads to a story about the other night when she refused to go to sleep. Among the many tactics she used that night, was the incessant request for the bunny story. And speaking of many tactics, she went from none (seriously easy to put to bed) to all the classics. I was completely unprepared for the hour and half it took to get her to sleep. It first started with, "No bed! Downstairs! Blankie downstairs too! Cuddle downstairs with abba (dad)!" Once upstairs, we had a nursing saga where draining me of the little milk I had just wasn't enough. "More milk! More milk!" Then it became, "Jingle bells, sing jingle bells. All the way. Jingle jingle jingle jingle." Then, "bunny story, bunny story. More. Another story." Then, it was shrieking, "pee! pee! Downstairs! Pee downstairs!" After failed pee attempt after which I was already exhausted, "More pee! Ouch! Crotch hurt! Butt hurt!" Insert huge yawn. After more wailing and squirming, "Back hurt! Waaah! Jingle. Mama, sing jingle. Aaargh! Neck hurt! Leg hurt!"

That's obviously the greatly truncated version of the story. Insert more yawns, about 20 repetitions of each sentence, lots of screaming, and lots of sighs and rolling eyes on my part, and you get a better picture.


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