Friday, March 06, 2009

Bad Theatre

Last night I went with a couple friends to see a play at the University called "Night Train to Bolina". It was horrible. I spent the entire first half waiting for the intermission that would just not come. I tried to fall asleep like a couple people I spotted, but that didn't work. The actress was far too shrill. She angrily shouted every single one of her lines to the point of comedy.

"You have a FEVER! I need to you to take you to the HOSPITAL!" She yelled into his face as she held her dying friend tenderly.

Except nobody was laughing because we were all so embarrassed for her. The other actor was actually rather charming-- if he was supposed to be mentally disabled.

We fled at intermission and happened to come across another U show that was happening at the Xperimental theatre, and thought we'd pop in. It had to at least be more hip. Well, two guys were sitting at a table, one of them was eating, and the other was pontificating and telling theatre nerd stories and inside jokes. It showed no signs of getting any more interesting than a pompous guy at a party telling a long and pointless story about his trip overseas. So after rather rudely giggling and whispering loudly in the back row, the three of us left in the middle of the show, clunking our boots loudly on the way out.

At least we bonded over beers at the Triple Rock talking about how we could have possibly spent a collective $45 on the worst night of theatre ever.


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