Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Best. Valentine's. Outfit. Ever.

A friend of a friend came to the art opening last night, and he had on the best outfit. Ever. He was wearing a red shirt with a red tie and red light weight V-neck sweater. The tie had some little white designs on it, and the shirt may have been more of a pink. On top of that, he was wearing a jean jacket with big red roses embroidered onto the breast pockets. And his shoes... were awesome. They looked like a pair of Vans and they were made of a burgundy velvet material. (The picture is flashier than the ones he was wearing, but you get the idea) And he was wearing a little rose bud tucked behind his ear. He was on his way to a singles party and honestly, I don't know how he could possibly have gone home single. He was adorable. (Just so everyone is clear, 1) he was pretty hot 2) he was not nearly as hot as the dude wearing a Pabst head band 3) he was pretty gay)


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