Monday, February 27, 2006

Whisky and kitties

I suppose one more kitty picture won't hurt. This is Dave with our kitties at our house. We had a very good time together.

Dave, if you're ever feeling down, remember that there are beautiful people up here that think you're hot. And remember that you are now officially Rimsky and Coco's godfather. They *are* expecting birthday and Christmas gifts. (It's on May 5--fellow Tauruses!)

Here's a picture of the leopard Dave was talking about.

I think I spent a little more time on this project than my fee required, but as a beginning designer, I suppose I have a reputation to establish. Anyway, it's a good thing I spent so much time on meticulous cardboard reinforcement. Actors are very destructive. Thanks to the hours of paper mache and taping, everything stayed together and looked good. And I am very glad that it's over. Now I have more time to watch Arrested Development.


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