Thursday, July 27, 2006


I had this dream that I found a little white door to get into Narnia. I could fly in this Narnia, and it was an unearthly landscape, mainly covered in water. There were vast amounts of bogs and swamp, but also pristine lakes with strange trees popping out of the middle. I would glide over the surface of the water. There was a part where the bogs and everything started to slant in a very strange way and it was clear that it was a gentle slope leading towards a water fall. But the whole water surface was tilted, which was totally weird.

As dreams go, I was back at the beginning of the dream and I re-found the white door which was in the middle of a shopping mall. I was there with Jonner and couple other people and we had tons of stuff. We wrapped it all up like it was going to get shipped somewhere and Jonner wanted to take it all into Narnia. I said no way am I taking a giant Calphalon pan on my back the whole time in Narnia, so I climbed into the door and stuffed the pan under some trees once we got into Narnia. We tried to slip in as surreptitiously as possible so that people in the mall wouldn't notice. Then I climbed to the side to let the others through. But after everyone came through, a couple minutes later, I came through. It was me from the past and I quickly hid so that the past me wouldn't see me. And the past me was way cuter than me. She had glasses and a cute little haircut and I felt unkempt and shaggy compared to her. The end.


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