Thursday, August 10, 2006

Woeful garden

My poor garden has been completely growing wild with weeds since my gastric misery started a month ago. Maybe my in-laws can help me put a dent in the weed forest this weekend.

I know everyone loves hearing about my morning sickness, so I'll talk about it some more. You know, I've probably puked at least 50 times in the last month-- far surpassing my grand total up until then. I've discovered many different kinds of puking as a result. My sister and I have it all figured out. And there are definitely foods that are worse to throw up than others. The worst that I've identified so far is salsa and other tomato related foods. Fruit isn't always good either-- anything acidic is worse to throw up. And the best is yogurt, and peanuts aren't so bad either. I'm told that mashed potatoes are even more dreamy to throw up, but luckily I'm able to keep potatoes down. I've also discovered that puking has gotten much more pleasant since my nose is stuffed up all the time. Being pregnant increases blood flow to all the mucous membranes, so for the last week, I've been blissfully plugged up. Now I don't smell all the offending smells around me, which is almost everything.

It's my dear husband's birthday today. Happy birthday Jonner. I'll do the dishes tonight.


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