Monday, August 21, 2006

My pets

I haven't talked about my animals lately. Well, Bailey has been having gastric problems of her own. But alas, she doesn't know to run to the bathroom when she needs to. Hence I have run out of Nature's Miracle.

My kitties are doing fine and they are as loving and wonderful as ever. I think they add as much good karma to the house as they do hair. And that's a lot. They are just the cutest, mellowest, hairiest cats in the world.

What is up with the unending morning sickness? (low volume scream) I am still sick-- I regurgitated the *whole* of my breakfast today, which was especially horrible because I had just been celebrating a vomit-free weekend. I've been at a medium level of nausea for weeks now. No better, no worse. What's worse is that nothing else is progressing either. My boobs aren't growing anymore (but of course they're still sore), my weight isn't increasing at all, my belly still looks like pre-period water-retaining belly, and overall, I feel the same way I did 2 weeks ago. I wonder sometimes-- is this baby really in there at all? I keep wondering if the heartbeat I heard was just my heartbeat in my stomach. Or maybe it's just decided to stop growing. I feel terribly impatient. Granted, I'm only a week in, but so far, the "golden second trimester" hasn't delivered.

Oh and keep the book suggestions coming. Watch out Amazon, I'm coming to spend some money.


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