Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ear Candles

OK, so I got a pair of ear candles for my birthday. Unfortunately, they did not come with instructions, and instead of looking online, I foolishly decided to try them as an ear candle ignoramus. Well, this is what I've learned. It feels kinda good. It seems to magically pull out some stuff. But the hazards are just a little too intense for the payoff.

I had a little piece of hot wax roll into one ear and now I feel like I have water in my ear. I'm sure it'll work itself out (if not, I'm sure it will be simple to get it cleared out at the clinic), but in the meantime, I am kind of pissed. Of course, when it first happened, I wasn't so rational, and was convinced that my stupid ear candle experiment had made me deaf in one ear. So I spent a lot of time secretly panicking last night. And that makes me mad. I don't like panicking.

Anyway, the lesson is, if you want to try it, remember two things. Do it above a sink so the burning ashes can fall in there. And keep the candle horizontal instead of vertical. Ideally, someone should hold it for you and keep an eye on the flame so it doesn't burn your hair or face.


Blogger Josh said...

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9:46 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

This ear candle sounds like a nice thing for couples to do (if you're both comfortable with ear wax, that is).

I don't want you to lose your hearing, Joanne. I know hearing bass notes is already a struggle for you, so the thought of your frequency sensitivity narrowing further saddens me.

Your little dude looks happy (I haven't been reading your blog for awhile). I hope he comes out in color.

Did you know Sean and Laurie are expecting #2?

9:53 AM  
Blogger Josh said...

I'm the dumbass who deleted his own comment because I wasn't happy with the wording. Sorry, I won't do it again (I'll never get it right, anyway). I didn't know it still showed up. Writing posts with all these fluid, grammatically-correct folks looming about is intimidating.
I'm also the dumbass who didn't read your ultrasound post past "the little dude was waving", so I guess "dude" might not be correct.
Green and brown . . . green and brown . . . thinking for a gift . . .

10:10 AM  

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