Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baking with the toddler

I had Ruby "help" me make cookies this afternoon. I was inspired by a friend who lets her 1 year old daughter try everything even if it makes a huge mess. I, being a far more tight-assed person, have not had the courage to pull up that step stool to the kitchen counter till this week.

It was a good first step. I didn't even take away the container of baking soda when she repeatedly dipped her finger in it and ATE it saying "mmm" while inevitably grimacing at how disgusting it tasted. I let her keep adding more flour in the measuring cup, long after it had started spilling over, and actually got a kick out of the whole thing. She'd say "no more", put the lid on, and then about 3 seconds later say "need more", scoop more out, spill over half of it, and land a few teaspoons of it into the measuring cup, and repeat the whole thing all over again. She had fun stacking cups (she'd proudly say, "look at that!" when she was done), drinking water with measuring spoons (are you eating water? I said, and she said, no, drinking), and telling me "nice to meet you" and shaking my hand when I had the oven mitts on. She also had this thing about "petting the oven" which also cracked me up. She would actually pet the oven. You know, since ovens are completely adorable like hot giant kitties.

She had a couple bites of cookie dough, two cookies, and a big glass of milk. She was completely sugared up and very happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ruby is hilarious. I love hearing all of your stories and little quotes from her. It brings me back to things that Ezra used to say and makes me excited to hear what funny things Lydia will say.

I LOVE the little vest that Ruby is wearing in one of the recent posts. I'm assuming you made it. If you did, where is the pattern from?

I can't believe you are getting Ruby potty-trained already. With the huge struggle that it was to potty train Ezra, I'm just totally amazed that anyone can do it so early, although I know it's possible. How did you go about starting that up? Just curious.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Joanne said...

hey erika! The vest is from Lucinda Guy's book of sleepwear patterns. It's about the most useful article of clothing I've ever made. It's really versatile.

With the potty training, I just read a whole lot on elimination communication, and winged it starting around 10 months. She did most of it herself-- I just utilized the warm days to let her go pantsless and talked a lot about it, and she got it. Which isn't to say there aren't regressions, but it sure is nice to wash fewer diapers.

10:16 AM  

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