Monday, March 16, 2009

The disappearer

Ruby took my cable needle proclaiming that she was going to knit with it. I looked down for about 3 minutes to work in my gorgeous new stitch markers that came in the mail. I looked up and asked where my cable needle went, and they were gone.

She pointed me to the coffee table, then to the couch, then she just started to ask me for it, so she could knit with it again. I asked her "Did you put it in the animal box?" and she answered yes. It was not there. I asked, "Did you drop it in the doll house?" and she said yes again. Two year olds are not to be trusted! I looked under the couches, the bookshelf, the tv, the desk, the changing table (aka the thing that holds the 20 remotes we have in the house), in the dollhouse, the toy bin with small toys, and under all the couch cushions. I cleaned out my knitting bag, my needle bag, my small stuff bag, but no luck. I now have a very organized knitting bag, and a relatively dust free living room (I vacuumed in the process), but no cable needle.

Where could a cable needle go in 3 minutes? Apparently into another dimension.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne! I'll have to start following your blog. Love the couple of Ruby stories I've read so far:) Things have mysteriously disappeared in our house too...very strange. Silly toddlers!

8:14 PM  

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