Thursday, March 12, 2009


I can't seem to make a coherent post about the various interesting things I've noted about Ruby recently, so I'm just piling them together.

Ruby holding a cat toy in one hand and a plastic egg in the other:

Egg: Would you eat this, cat toy?
Cat toy: Would you get on there, egg?
Egg: Sure cat toy.

Sitting on the toilet trying to poop, I thought she was making a profound statement on the state of our economy:

Ruby: It is hard times.

Ruby often gets self conscious when I look at her playing or singing, so I usually try not to make a big deal of watching her. But the other day she was singing Twinkle Twinkle and she was so damn cute, I was looking at her with a big smile, and she yelled, "Mama don't laugh! I'm not cute, just a big girl!" So I looked away and laughed into my sleeve.

One of her favorite songs these days is a Raffi song about picking a bale of cotton. So several times I hear, "Pick a dale a cop!"

At bedtime, she goes to her "bedcave". And she calls her bedroom "Ruby's living room". She usually likes the dark, but lately, she likes to have the light on so she can play. So as a preemptive move before going upstairs, she always makes sure to vehemently insist (about 20 times in a row-- those of you with 2 year olds know that that's an understatement), "NO TURN THE LIGHT OFF IN RUBY'S LIVING ROOM!"

Good times.


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