Friday, September 21, 2007

First kinda dirty day

So after 6 months of a rather spotless existence, Ruby is finally getting dirty. And loving every bit of it. She got to sit on the sidewalk today and chew a variety of sticks with neighbor baby friend Oliver. Then she got to pull hair out of a variety of cats and dogs and put it in her mouth. Then we went over to Oliver's house and she slithered around on the floor and tasted all his toys.

When she came home, despite my constant wiping, her white onesie was gray and hairy, and her chin had sand on it, and her fingers and toes were full of lint, dog hair, and sand.

I've gotta let go a little. I like to think I'm being pretty easy going about the dirtiness, but the truth is, I really like clean Ruby. I mean, really really like clean Ruby. I can't even abide the boogers or a little snot. I've been wiping her nose religiously, and if she could, she'd strangle me.


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