Thursday, April 30, 2009


Lately, after a poop, Ruby will announce with a strange smile that her "butt is nibbling." The other day, she added, "my crotch is nibbling too!" She pronounces it kind of like "niboolling" and the whole thing just puts me in stitches.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One of stories she told recently: Once upon a time, there was a seagull and a goose. And they landed on the water, pachoo. They met a sloth that walked like this (waving hands). Then he knitted on his own pattern. He was happy now. He was not crying either. He was happy. (Me: What are they doing now?) They're playing with toys. Once upon a time there was a moose, a seagull, and a goose. She met a guy. She holds the paper and go to the zoo. And you too go to the zoo with them and go outside! Once upon a time, there was a squirrel. He cried because he bonked his cheek on the wall.

Her stories crack me up. Actually, almost everything she says cracks me up.