Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Interspecies love

It's Coco and Bailey mashed up against Jonathon's thigh. Coco may not be as cuddly with us, but he sure loves Bailey. It's pretty fun to watch him try to rub up against Bailey's face. She always gets kind of freaked out and jumps around while Coco tries to grab her face between his paws. Then Coco flops down on his back while Bailey chews at the fur on his stomach and makes him all stinky with doggy spit.

Secret Heart

Here is Ms. Feist. She was really amazing. Her voice is appealingly smoky and her band was awesome. Her songs are great on the CD, but on stage they took on an entirely new life.

The show was excellent in every way except for the obligatory idiots that are present at every show who can't help pissing off everyone around them. We were watching the opening band, and the crowd was quite attentive and fairly quiet. I was actually enjoying the show a lot when these two tall women showed up. These bitches (excuse my french) were in top form. They pushed their way in front of us and immediately started a loud and inane conversation with lots of "I know!"s and "Oh my god!"s. During the entire song, they never even glanced at the stage. Someone in front of them turned around and politely asked them to be quieter. They said sure, and then proceeded to talk just as before. After three separate people had told them to hush, one of them said, "I can't believe this! I've never experienced this in my life." She turned around to me and said, "Did you hear those people in front of me? Isn't that weird? Are we talking too loud?" Me and my friend practically nodded our heads right off as we vehemently said, "Yes, yes." Finally they moved away, and we all breathed an indignant sigh of relief.

What possesses people to pay 20 bucks to see a show and then just blab through the whole thing? And, what makes people such social retards that they can't tell when they should pipe down? And, what makes these scummy assholes so much better than everyone else that they can completely ignore the polite requests of 4 separate strangers? Those girls are why America is going down the pooper. These are the thoughts of my secret heart.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guitars out of hibernation

Yeehaw, our four guitars are out of a multi-year hibernatory period. Jonathon restrung some of them and we got a new amp for the electric guitar. I hope he keeps playing. I suppose I should start playing again too, but I have enough on my plate with learning the piano. My hands are getting a workout these days. (Which probably means my brain is atrophying, but I guess I have this blog to keep me sharp)

Rimsky and I have discovered a call and response pattern. It works pretty consistently. I say "Reeemsky" and he does a little whiny meow and then I say "Reeemsky" and then he mews. We just repeat this about 20 times and by the end he's jumped on my lap and purring or doing a little kneading on my knees. And don't you know it boys and girls, he's a champion kneader. He's so cute, he makes my toes curl. (Now I love Coco just as much, but he just isn't as cuddly. He's pretty cute too though, with his big furry pants and all.)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Metal Tornado Ship

This morning I had a dream that I was in Ulan Bator (?!) and I was with my parents and some friends of theirs at a snowy beach looking out onto a frozen harbor. I know Ulan Bator is nowhere near the ocean, but oh well. So we were looking out and I saw 4 tornadoes in a line, coming straight for the shore. So we all get into this metal ship that looks like something out of a bad science fiction movie. It's all bumpy like a turtle shell all the way around and as soon as we move all our stuff in and close the door, the storm hits and we start spinning and hurtling across the snow to god knows where. The whole time, I'm just freaking out that we might have left some clothes and valuables behind. The ship stops moving and when we step out, we are in the middle of a gleaming modern city with glassy skyscrapers and green hills everywhere. It's totally abandoned and creepy. The end.

So we went to see A Cupboard Full of Hate last night. There was this one moment where a glamorous looking silent film star comes out in this wooden showcase surrounded by glittering flowers and butterflies, and it was so beautiful. *Happily thinking about shiny, glittery things* Anyway, the thing I really appreciated about the acting was that every moment, emotion, event was fully pushed to its limits. You rarely see that in theatre, but here everything took its time to go where it was supposed to go.

Tomorrow we are going to see Feist at the Fine Line. We have culture coming out of our ears.

Tonight Jonner and I played a little game with our cat Rimsky. Jonner would put a bottle cap on the counter and Rimsky would pull it off. Jonner put it back and Rimsky would swipe it off again. We kept score of how many times he used his right paw as opposed to his left paw. It was 7 to 13. He must be left pawed.

OK, time to stop blabbing.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm seeing shows again

I'm seeing shows again. I saw "Amerika or The Disappearance" at Theatre de la Jeune Lune and it was amazing. The whole thing-- design, music, acting, beginning, end-- it was breathtaking. I also saw a staged reading of a brand new play at Theatre Mu called "Family Lies" which was also funny and thought provoking. Tonight I go to see "A Cupboard Full of Hate" by Off Leash Area and I hope it's good.

Go theatre.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's so easy, I'm posting another

I made 200 scones this week.

So yesterday I looked into the windows of the cars I passed on the road because I secretly long to make that split second eye contact with some anonymous person that I will never see again. Hopefully, that anonymous person is a hot guy with a mysterious smile and haunting gaze. But yesterday, I had no luck. I saw lots of people, but they were: 1) not looking at me 2) on their cell phones 3) picking their nose or 4) ugly.

I made 12 loaves of zucchini bread this week.

It's so easy!

Tada! I am bursting onto the blogging scene. It'll be a great way to waste my time. Hey, here's a picture.

It's Rimsky and Bailey, two of my favorite housemates. (I have four, and I don't have favorites. No really, I love them all equally. (Especially Rimsky (... (I love nesting parentheses!)))) For those who draw lines between species, here's the breakdown: one human housemate, two feline housemates, and a canine housemate. It's quite wonderful.