Thursday, September 28, 2006

Almost October

It's almost my favorite month! I am always happy in October. I am also luckily past my morning sickness and also past a little cold I've had for a couple days, and so I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Next week is going to great. My friend Karen is visiting, I have an ultrasound scheduled, AND I'm going to see a show next weekend. The only worries I have about going out these days is the frequency with which I need to pee. Last weekend I went to the mall with my sister and between every single store, I had to go. That means I probably went to the bathroom at least 5 times in the two hours we were there. So yeah, I'm a little worried about going to see that show.

I also got my first shipment of books, so I read The Giver (awesome), and I'm into Dune, which is also awesome so far. And no, I have not seen either movie.

It's only a couple weeks until my birthday-- what's everyone going to get me? I want a double boiler, a rolling massage ball (there's one at Bath and Body Works that I have my eye on), a warm maternity pea coat, sweaters for my dog and cats, a prenatal yoga DVD, and a cleaning service for our house. Oh and piano lessons.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Helpful Solutions?

So my dog Bailey has always snored somewhat loudly at night, but lately it's gotten out of control. It might be just me sleeping a little lighter because of the baby, but her snoring is like a goddam freight train. Not only is it loud, it sounds all phlegmy like, and makes me want to puke. Then she starts making what I called snorking noises along with licking noises and I just about lose it. I've tried moving her into the next room and closing the door, but believe it or not, I can hear her through the walls. So lately, I've been whispering "BAILEY!" which makes her snoring just a few decibels softer, but last night, it just wasn't working. Maybe I should rig up a poking device that I can pull at night that would jab her in the ear so she'd wake up and stop snoring. Or do they make nasal strips for dogs?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Gettin old

Yesterday Bailey got into one of her crazy fits and dashed around in circles on the carpet upstairs. Then all of a sudden, she stopped and started limping around and then leaned up against Jonner with her paw in the air. I think she sprained an ankle and wanted some sympathy. Poor doggy. Maybe she's getting old and doesn't realize it. Or maybe it's just that her nails are at record length.

I'm getting old. Not really old, but being pregnant has made it seem like I'm aging at a fantastic rate. Overall, my morning sickness has abated, but I have found that my body is ruled by a baby who punishes me without mercy for any lack of sleep, bad eating habits, and caffeine. I went out to a late concert at the Turf Club on Friday night, and I have been paying a heavy price for the past three days. Vomiting, headache, and nausea have followed a relatively tame night out. No drinking, no dancing. Just sipping water and listening to music. Baby, leave me alone! *sob*

On a happier note, even though I have felt like shit today, I am going to get a massage this afternoon. My doula is coming over to my house and is going to go all shiatsu on me. Woot!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Late Morning with the Animals

The best part of Saturday mornings is that all the animals pile on the bed and we get to cuddle. Coco is missing because he's always burrowing under the covers or jumping on and off the bed. He doesn't cuddle well. Little Rimsky on the other hand is a champion cuddler and will put up with any position you put him in.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still Sick!

For anyone who wants an update on my pregnancy, here it is: IT TOTALLY SUCKS BALLS. I'm in my 16th week and still puking. Still on the couch. Still unable to do simple chores. Barely making it to work despite the shortened shifts. Sleeping worse and worse, more headaches, and evening nausea. And less sympathy, since everyone's sick and tired of hearing about it, including Jonner. Not that I blame anyone-- I'm fucking sick of complaining about it. I sound like a broken record. Today was a major setback though--it's been several weeks since I've had a day when I couldn't even keep water down. I threw up pretty much everything I ate up until this evening, and not just parts--no I threw up ALL of it.