Saturday, August 15, 2009


By the time I got to a keyboard, she had already told a good chunk of the story, but here's the last third of it:

Just then, a dragon came by. And the dragon said, "don't ever bite apples." So they didn't bite apples, but the dragon did bite apples. But the duck did. The duck said, "don't bite me, either." Just the ducks bite apples, no? Just then the ducks ate pears and stuff. Just the pears have faces and eyes. They hit them with the paper. And then they squeaked out the tree, and they heared, what kind of things they heared. There was a hedgehog. Hedgehogs, don't ever go in the fan! And the dog run up and up and up and up tried to get the fan. DON'T! They didn't hear them! Alright? They squeaked out and alright? And that's the story. Over the hills and far away, and then the duck wouldn't hear them anymore and they would hit each other. Just one duck came. Don't ever fight me up with CDs! Just over the hills. The end.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Not your problem

Ruby was pushing her stroller down the sidewalk the other day, because whoever heard of a 2 year old that will just sit quietly in a stroller? She was a terrible driver, swerving into the grass left and right. Jonathon would hold the front occasionally to help keep it on the sidewalk, while being subjected to strenuous and loud objections from Ruby. Finally, she yells, "no no no! This is not your problem!"

This afternoon, she was drawing spiders. She called them "moiding spiders" or alternately, "Awkmoiding spiders". When I asked her what that meant, she said matter of factly, "Goats. That's what it means." When I pressed her further, she said that it meant that they were tickling her.