Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ruby likes to jump off an old theatre prop onto the bed. She calls it "fooming", and she says "foom!" as she jumps onto the bed.

The funny twist? She likes to do it in the dark. Jonner was leaving the room with her, and she closed the door on him. After a few moments, he peeked in to see her crouched and ready to jump on the bed in the dark. Now she asks if she can "foom in the dark".

And in other news, Thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa's was a big hit, and she's currently in withdrawal. Mainly from having a couple more suckers to boss around. Now it's just back to one personal slave (me). There's only so many times she can demand that I put my sunglasses on before it gets boring.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best tantrum ever

This morning, I went down to the park building with Ruby for an open playgroup, which she normally enjoys immensely. We know a lot of folks that show up there, and there are kiddie bikes, soft tents, balls, and tunnels. All of which she loves.

But today, she was kind of blah about it all. She kept making a run for it out the door constantly, and she'd whine and ask to nurse, and then roll around on the floor of the gym asking for her blanket. It was weird. But the best part? When we left, she melted down in top form. In fact, it was I think the best tantrum I've seen from her so far. It was 18 degrees outside, we had a stroller, and we were both wearing large awkward puffy coats. All of which are great conditions for an excellent tantrum. Of course, she absolutely refused to sit in the stroller, push it, be carried, or just walk. After 5 minutes of offering options, I was freezing my ass off. Which meant I needed to "tuck" a giant screaming wriggling child under one arm, and push a rickety umbrella stroller with a mind of its own with the other. It worked for about 10 feet, and then I decided to risk looking like a kidnapper, and strapped her in the stroller. Besides being incredibly strong, she's gotten inconveniently tall. She kept sticking her feet behind the front wheels while arching her back (of course, screaming like a stuck pig the entire time), so I had to tip the stroller on it's back wheels and push her like a rabid alligator on a gurney. Boy it was so awesome! I even got to carry this appealing package up two sets of stairs!

The good news? She fell asleep on the couch before I could even take her shoes off.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baking with the toddler

I had Ruby "help" me make cookies this afternoon. I was inspired by a friend who lets her 1 year old daughter try everything even if it makes a huge mess. I, being a far more tight-assed person, have not had the courage to pull up that step stool to the kitchen counter till this week.

It was a good first step. I didn't even take away the container of baking soda when she repeatedly dipped her finger in it and ATE it saying "mmm" while inevitably grimacing at how disgusting it tasted. I let her keep adding more flour in the measuring cup, long after it had started spilling over, and actually got a kick out of the whole thing. She'd say "no more", put the lid on, and then about 3 seconds later say "need more", scoop more out, spill over half of it, and land a few teaspoons of it into the measuring cup, and repeat the whole thing all over again. She had fun stacking cups (she'd proudly say, "look at that!" when she was done), drinking water with measuring spoons (are you eating water? I said, and she said, no, drinking), and telling me "nice to meet you" and shaking my hand when I had the oven mitts on. She also had this thing about "petting the oven" which also cracked me up. She would actually pet the oven. You know, since ovens are completely adorable like hot giant kitties.

She had a couple bites of cookie dough, two cookies, and a big glass of milk. She was completely sugared up and very happy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted today

After living in the US for over 25 years, I finally managed to become a citizen this year. Today was the first presidential election I participated in, and even though my story isn't particularly remarkable, I've fought back some tears already today thinking about the ramifications of today's election, how long it's taken me to become a citizen (8 years), and the idea that I actually am an American now. (Gosh, the identity crises I've had about that... I can't even count)

I was so excited to vote, that I just couldn't stop. Every time I thought I was done, I'd obsessively look over my ballot again and again. I thought: maybe I accidentally voted for McCain. Oh god, no! I'd immediately break out in a sweat and look at the very black spot next to Obama and calm myself. The giant list of incumbent judges helped me with voting anxiety. I slowly, deliberately colored in those 36 circles, feeling like I was still voting, remembering all the standardized tests I've ever taken, taking deep breaths, thinking: Obama better win. This is my country now. I can't just say I'll head out to Korea (where it's no better anyway). I have a vested interest. I have an American baby. She can't grow up in an America where hate, ignorance, and racism rule. It's important now. I'm voter number 533 in my precinct. My vote counts. Things will change.