Sunday, December 31, 2006

Back Home

After a week of galavanting around for the holidays, we are back home again for the new year. The first half of the week was spent in Milwaukee with Jonner's family, and then we drove all the way to Iowa to go to Josh and Sarah's wedding and hang out with Jonner's parents and our friend Dave.

Some highlights:

We played a lot of games with our nieces, and heard them say many funny things.

We spent a lot of cuddle time with Fritz, Coco and Rimsky's only remaining brother.

We were given a bunch of awesome presents including a Kitchenaid mixer and a bright red crock pot, both of which I have been talking about for months.

We got hang out with and give a bunch of stuff to Dave, who lost all his stuff in a fire recently.

I thought I had to work tomorrow and I found out this afternoon that I don't!


I'm even more pregnant now, and my feet and hands feel tight like sausages, and my belly is inescapable. It's always in the way.

Happy New Year! Pictures will be posted in the following days.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I lied! One more!

OK, One more

Here's a picture of my first pair of socks.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Knitting Obsession

I've been knitting a lot lately. It's a bit of an expensive hobby, but it's pretty addictive. I've discovered the joy of baby clothes--almost instant gratification. The projects go fast enough that I don't mind being really anal about the details. It's really indulging the obsessive part of my personality. Here are some pictures.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Name Challenge

I'm not in a hurry to name the baby, but I have looked through a book of like 10,000 names, and I've been coming up with alternatives for the past couple days. But alas, my dear husband is an extremely picky man! He has only liked ONE name so far. ONE!!! I'm just looking for two or three good ones to choose from, but it really looks impossible. The rules are these: it can't be super trendy (like Madison), it can't have a silly non-traditional spelling (eg. Karynne), it's gotta be easy for my parents to say (so not Theophilus), and it can't be super ethnic (like Nthabiseng or Vladimir).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dog and cat sitting

I am watching Margot's pets this weekend. Bear, who is the size of one, is staying at our house, while Moses, the kitty is staying at their place down the block. Bear is the greatest dog ever! I mean, Bailey is the greatest dog ever. But Bear comes in a close second. He's the definition of chill. He's been getting along fabulously with my animals. Only Coco is still a little nervous. He still puffs up and slowly backs up when he sees Bear's giant body in his path. I can see how he'd be a little scary if I was Coco. But Bear's sudden movements are kind of like Bailey's in slow motion. He's simply the calmest dog I have ever met.