Thursday, June 28, 2007

Great photo, great caption

Of all the strange internet phenomena, lolcats and the invisible (blank) series of cat photos with large, often misspelled captions are some of the strangest. Jason's "Invisible bike" is very funny. I find this one quite nice too.


After a whole year, I can finally fit into my old jeans! No pulling, stretching, or leaving it unbuttoned. I cannot believe it. I'm so happy to be ditching my maternity jeans. I didn't think it was possible to be skinnier than before I was pregnant AND have bigger boobs, but well, there it is.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Neighbor girl

Last night Jonner and I were standing outside our house with Ruby, just chilling, and this neighbor girl named Ladacia (?) who we have seen several times, came by and chatted with us for probably a good half hour. It was interspersed with a lot of abrupt good byes as she sped away on her little pink scooter, but she'd always come scootin' back. She tells us that she turned 7 yesterday, and proceeded to reveal details of her life bit by bit. It was enormously entertaining. Kids that age need no segue to tell people what's on their mind. She told us about her baby brother who can walk at one month (ha!) and how they're flying to Mississippi tomorrow. She said she was having a sleepover and told us the names of all the girls that were coming. We had an interesting conversation about the day lilies outside our house and how bees coat their butts with pollen. It made me wish Ruby was old enough to talk to me like that. Ruby just stared off into space the whole time. (Don't get me wrong though, I love having Ruby just be a baby. I think I'm going to miss it a whole lot when she's older. Babies are just so wonderful)

More socks

Here's a sock I've been working on. The design is called entrelac, and I was enthralled by the picture of the socks in a magazine, so my mom in law sent me the pattern. It's really not as hard as it looks. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Since I'm still excited that I can embed videos:

Monday, June 18, 2007

Her first tooth!

I can't believe she's popped one this early, but there it is. The explanation for her sleep regression issues. Well, I'm relieved. If that was teething, it was totally bearable.

Here's a video (yeah, I figured out how to do it!) of Ruby hanging out with her organic cotton bunny from Sonya:

Friday, June 15, 2007

Ramblings on a hot day

I love thinking about these things. So does Jonner. Many a conversation that we have revolves around product design and a craving for simplicity. It's a good article! Click that link and read it!

Sorry comment posters-- I changed a setting to moderate comments, not realizing that I need to come here to check them and approve them. Too much work. It's fixed now, so comment away.

Ruby is having some sleep regression issues, but they are totally normal. Around this time (3-6 months), babies develop at a terrific rate, and their brains and bodies continue to work overtime during sleep. So little Ruby is now fighting sleep a lot more, and tends to wake herself up thrashing around or making noises in her sleep. Still, I figure it will get much worse when she starts to pop out those little teeth. Right now, she still sleeps almost through the night, and is still able to be comforted. The payoff for worse sleep? Well, she's getting aware enough to give me smiles that are more special than the smiles she gives the wall, she reaches for anything that I bring in front of her face, she actually giggles when I tickle her, and she coos at herself in the mirror. All of that might not seem like much, but it's infinitely more entertaining than when she was more of an inert blob that just poos and pees. So I'll settle for a little less sleep in exchange for a healthy growing baby.

So I found out yesterday that I just dipped under my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm treating myself to a seven layer bar. Seriously, breast feeding and carrying around a 15 lb baby all the time is great for maintaining a healthy weight. I've been eating like a pig too, and not all of it is good. Just ask Jonner. He's been marveling at the amount of ice cream I've managed to shovel into my body in the last month. Not proud. At least we have a CSA box that we're motivated to polish off every two weeks.

For those who haven't checked in a while, there may be some more photos up on the flickr site.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Rimsky Hearts Bailey

My chunky monkey

Bird Search

I've been getting my nerdy kicks lately by doing some internet detective work. My parents see a lot of birds where they live (in Chiangmai), and so they've been taking pictures and sending them to me. Then I go online and look for their names, and read about them. It's kind of hard to figure out how to search for something when you only have a nameless photo, so I was kind of proud of my work. If you're curious, the two birds I figured out was the red-whiskered bulbul and the white-vented mynah.